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"Run With The Quirky Bird" (EP) - Digital Download Mp3

"Run With The Quirky Bird" (EP) - Digital Download Mp3

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Enjoy some Melodious Mutt songs today.  Guaranteed to make you smile!!

  1. This Old Human
  2. Bear In A Cage
  3. Lake Owyhee

Featuring a group of world-class quirky birds like Fishy Dave, Sticky Mark, Stringy Mike, Honkin' Tim, Pluckin' Matt, Anthony Tom Tom, Bowing Eddie, Accordion to Courtney, Croonin' Cathy, Tuneman Tim and Console Kevin.  

  • Produced by Melodious Mutt and Kevin Nettleingham

  • All songs written by Melodious Mutt

  • Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Nettleingham Audio, Vancouver, WA

  • Artwork by Chuck Watkins -


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